Subtitling and Captioning that listens to audio

SubtitleCast Servers or SDK listens to the contents itself, compares with pre-registered fingerprints of the content and immediately services subtitles or captions for broadcast or OTT.

Just create your subtitles or captions on the cloud and all of your channels or devices are instantly serviced with multi-language subtitles or captions automatically without any operational efforts or errors - once and for all.

This is called,

Connected Subtitling

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SubtitleCast for OTT

Create on the Cloud, Deliver Automatically

Subtitling, Captioning

Upload your low-res video to the cloud at

Engage your vendors anywhere in the world with ‘professional-CDN video streaming’ and ‘browser-based broadcast standard subtitling and captioning tool.’

In the background, our servers fingerprint your content’s audios automatically for future subtitle services.

Effort-less, Error-less
Connected Subtitling

SubtitleCast servers are placed at your TV transmission chain and are connected to the Internet. Only an audio input is fed to the servers.

Now, your broadcast starts and it distinguishes the audio, matches with the fingerprints on the cloud and instantly services the subtitles or captions from the cloud.

This eliminates any operational effort to deliver, register subtitle or caption files to the transmission chain, and also avoids common subtitle transmission errors due to wrong timecoding, scheduling or metadata.

Saves Money

When your content is frequently recut or re- edited, you save huge money as SubtitleCast relieves you from any re-timecoding or re- subtitling efforts.As it listens to the audio, it provides full sync subtitles or captions even if the content is re-edited in future or now.

Once your subtitles or captions are registered to the cloud, they are serviced to all of your windows - multiple channels and OTT services - instantly without effort.This saves huge management and admin cost too!

Once you upload your content, we search whether another customer has a subtitle or caption file already done. If yes, we propose our customer whether they may want to resell at an affordable price.This saves you a huge budget than having to start from zero.

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