Intelligent Subtitling

Subtitling and closed captioning are essential elements of any video service, both to increase revenue and for compliance with government regulations for people with hearing disabilities.

You may think you are familiar with all of the available options out there for providing quality subtitles and captions, but we will introduce you to the most innovative breakthrough in subtitling and captioning technology yet - SubtitleCast.

Major Benefits

Technical Limitations

Currently, providing subtitles or captions

on OTT is not that simple. It is almost impossible to provide subtitles for TV simulcast channels on smart devices because you lose vital elements, including caption data, programming information, timecodes and more.

Direct to Viewer

Normally, video is streamed along with the subtitles or captions, but with SubtitleCast - video and subtitles are streamed separately.

You stream your video and we stream the subtitles – each from a separate server!

Contents Recognized Subtitling

When your video is streamed, our engine will extract the video/audio fingerprints of the content in real time, and then send the information to our server to determine what that content is. These video and audio fingerprints cannot be used to recreate your content, so the process is 100 percent safe and secure. Once the content is recognized, the subtitles are delivered directly to the viewer end in real time.

Innovative Efficiency

SubtitleCast simplifies the subtitling
process, and eliminates any chance of human error. Because SubtitleCast reads the content itself, there is no chance for the servers to provide the wrong content!

Also, even if your content is repurposed, retimed or re-edited, Subtitles are automatically supplied in perfect sync because of our innovative ability to match them with the audio and video fingerprints.

Technology as a Service

SubtitleCast is a service - you sign up a contract with us on how many channels, languages you want your viewers to be serviced, register the subs and respective audio/video fingerprints, then finally integrate our engine to your player. Then you pay a monthly fee according to how many viewers have used this feature.


It can be frustrating to find subtitle files of your content on the web, within hours of your initial release. This can entice viewers to watch pirated video instead of using your platform for legal video service - simply because your subtitled versions are not ready yet.

SubtitleCast’s search robot scours the web for the newest subtitles available in every language that are not commercially viable but can be used to service your video content.

When your viewers watch the first release of your video on your legal platform, they will automatically view these subtitles first.

However, once your subtitling project is completed and you register the subtitle file to our server - simply by dropping it into a “watch” folder - viewers will automatically be watching the proper, verified subtitles.

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